Monday | September 09



A medley of various yoga methods (Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Ishta) providing a free flowing experience moving and breathing to the uplifting sounds of pop, rock and deep house music, as well as your own inner tune. Leading to spiritual awareness, this sticky, sweaty, vigorous, physical and intellectual practice will leave you feeling like a yoga rock star and begging to come back for more.


Caters to students with a regular practice. Beginners are welcome provided they work at their own pace. Duration: 90 min
Tuesday | September 10
6:00PM - 7:30PM
+961 76 036 467
+961 3 622 723



A dynamic flowing experience that takes you through a modified Ashtanga series. Prepare to move and sweat during this vigorous physical practice where you’ll feel like you’ve truly earned the savasana at the end. Vinyasa Flow will leave you feeling uplifted, energized and floating for the rest of the evening. Modifications and options are provided throughout the class for individual needs.


Caters to all levels. Beginners friendly. Duration: 90 min
Wednesday | September 11



A class designed for all level practitioners wishing to slow down a bit, to take their time in savoring the postures, to master alignment and delve deeper within. This down tempo yet rigorous class, is a perfect blend of strengthening and softening asanas. It has been designed for everyone to benefit from, including pregnant women, students with chronic injuries or physical restrictions of any kind. You are never too tight, too tall or too weak to begin.


Caters to all levels. Beginners friendly. Duration: 90 min
8:30PM - 10:00PM
+961 3 622 723

In this gentle slow paced practice, belts, bolsters and blocks will be used to support the body, improving your flexibility and relieving muscle tensions.

Poses are held for a longer period of time for a passive stretch to energize and heal the body and mind.

Prepare yourself for a deep relaxing journey when attending this class.

Caters to everyone in need of a wicked chill
Thursday | September 12

An essential aspect of Traditional Medicine in Thailand, Reusi Dat Ton is a system of exercises including self-massage, dynamic poses, postures, stretching, breathing, mantras, visualization and meditation. Its principal purpose is to balance and explore one’s own body and mind, and to understand how they function. A gentle and low-impact practice that is suitable for all ages, levels and body types; no previous yoga experience is required

Friday | September 13
6:30PM - 8:00PM
+961 71 134 855
+961 3 622 723



We understand that no one needs a little deep chill out more than Beirut Yogis, so we created a perfect blend of strength-based asanas and meditative yin postures class to carefully lead you into the postures with enough time to adjust and find your own perfect expression of the pose. A two parts class that starts with dynamic movement to heat the body, followed with a calming and soothing yin practice (deep, intense stretching)


Open to all levels. Beginners friendly. Duration: 90 min
Sunday | September 15
7:00PM - 8:30PM
+961 3 974 810



A slow flow, meditative class that will punctuate your weekend beautifully, nurse your hangovers, and jump-start your week with serenity and lusciousness.


Caters to all levels. Beginners (and hard core partygoers) friendly Duration 90 min


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